...near thirty-five years after people's imagination were invited to emigrate to the Universal Century. People of earth continued constructing Gunpla in the confinements of their own workshops. It seemed the reclusive nature of the scale modeler would continue, but this fleeting solitude collapsed. The ever growing network of information humankind called "Internet" was introduced to the world. The curtain was rising on a war between privacy and recognition that would continue over one hundred years.
The story begins with a small group of Gunpla enthusiasts who refuse to pay the high cost of international shipping. By banding together, cost of bulk orders reduce the cost for each member, but encouraged liberal spending. What will become of this group of Gunpla Builders? Will Bandai be able to take all the money?

Background: Gundariumsmith
I started with classic scale models at a very young age, mainly planes spanning between WWII and Vietnam War. It was a hobby the came in and out and I never tried to hone my skills properly; not until college. In 2010 a couple of friends and I found a local hobby shop near the college. I was already watching various Gundam series at that point, so it was only logical to start buying Gunpla.
I rebooted my hobby with Master Grade kits and did not touch a High Grade until early 2014. Since then, I have found High Grades to be a much better economical choice (not to mention the larger pool of kits. Because of this) leading to a two-year halt in Master Grade purchases.


My perception of the Gundam franchise started with the images above, burned in my head at a very early age: It was maybe 1996 and I was at my grandfather's apartment in Hong Kong when this was on the television. I would not actually watch this OVA until 2006-2007. To this day, my tastes for Gundam suit design have a strong bias towards mobile suits that have a sort of grit to them. Logically I have never touched tend to steer clear of Gunpla from Anno Domini.

Background: Morgenroete Munitions
There was a time when I thought plastic models was a thing of a past generation. I thought I was one of few who even knew the smell of rubber cement. Eventually that hobby faded and others started taking its place; from computer games, video game emulators and trading card games to sketching, graphic design, and DJing. I was spread too thin; nothing mastered and nothing to take away from the whole experience. During this time the subject of Gundam came and went, hidden in a mess of anime. I liked the idea; I thought it was original; I thought it was different from the others. A perfect blend of politics, space battles and drama.
After watching as many Gundam series as I could, I found I really liked the ground war scene. I marveled at the scenes of weathered and battle damaged Mobile Suits resting in the desolate jungle. However, the skills I had honed were nowhere close to where I wanted to be in terms of Gunpla; afterall, I did not concentrate on any one thing.
It was only recently that I had discovered that many of my comrades have been fiddling with these plastic machines longer than I had even considered watching the series. It was from them that I had discovered that these ideas were not too far-fetched; it was in my reach.

Through this blog, my brother and I want to share our experiences in this hobby as we continue to hone our skills in photography and scale models, collect our favorite kits and figures, and explore our favorite places. Please join us as we partake on this adventure!