The Burning Legacy

Concept Finalized: March 2015  
Project Status: ongoing  
If I have not made it clear in the past, I will make it clear now: I am not a fan of the typical lead suit design in Gundam, especially those of the Alternative Universes. There is nothing wrong with many of the designs nor is there anything wrong with liking lead suits. I just happen to steer away from lead suits.
That being said, one Alternative Universe lead suit I seem to have gained a guilty pleasure for is G Gundam (Burning Gundam for the Western audience). Maybe what draws me to the suit is how the writers were able to fit a popular genre of the 90s - martial arts - into the Gundam formula. It does not help that the latest installment of Build Fighters (as of writing this synopsis) is a variant of G Gundam.
This project is less on custom builds and more of a collection of kits that displays the legacy of G Gundam through the years. I tried to build each kit with different techniques to provide a variety within the collection as to not have a monotonous composition.

Kit Roster
  • MG G Gundam: This 2001 kit was built in 2009/2010 and is the second Gunpla I built. With inspiration from the Refurb Build Conest in 2014, I decided to take on another old kit and make it shelf worthy again.
  • SD LegendBB Musha Godmaru: Legend BB kits have a lot of detail, but require a lot of love to look good. I decided to take on this kit since it was Sekai's best Gunpla. To make the kit stand out a little more, I decided to paint it with candy blue, candy red, and gold, rather than a typical pallet.
  • HGBF Try Burning Gundam: Backlogged...
  • Head Display Build Burning Gundam: I was contemplating whether or not I wanted the kit to have candy red. My answer came quick when I realized I would not have clear parts for the shoulder and eyes. I want to give this a "plastic" look by having bright glossy colors rather than metallic shades. I also have plans on hand painting the flame stand.