Open Ocean Adventures: GH-001 Grimoire

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Nothing about Reconguista in G really caught my interest. The mobile suits were kind of weird, the voice actor director seems to be satisfied with mediocrity, and the animation is not clean like most new anime. Despite my critical opinion, I am enjoying the show.
When I dropped by the local Hobby Shop in Sasebo, Japan, the only Recon G kits out were the G-Self and the Grimoire; one of which caught my eye long before the show came out, let alone having enough Internet to watch. So I picked it up for 1200 yen to build it while I went back out to sea. Little did I know, I was more excited for this kit than I had originally intended

Back Story
The Grimoire is a space pirate grunt suit from the Gundam series Reconguista in G. It was introduced in the opening of the first episode retrieving the G-Self as it was falling in mid air. Armed with unexplained beam whips that come from their rifles, these mobile suits are pretty cool.

Body Unit
The upper body is made up of two half shells that surround a neck core that houses a standard neck polycap, and arm socket polycaps. This allows for, but does not utilize a color separation between the new kit core and the inside collar.

The core of the body is made up of two shells that form a ball. This ball has two holes that house a stem and ball joint for the rest of the body unit parts.

The most detailed Part of the three sections is the skirted lower body. Although the side skirts look more like magazines or military pouches, the front skirt houses rotating boosters. The back skirt, as with most other kits, is a single modeled piece.
The backpack is made up of three pieces; two shells and an antenna. These pieces happen to be in a black runner which also houses the rifle; the only pure black items in this kit.

Arm Units
Despite the arm span being limited to the small shoulders, the design makes up for the lack of articulation. From the piece that covers up what would be a giant cavity under the shoulder to the boxy forearms. The arms have quite a unique design.

My favorite section is the wrists; not only do they utilize a ball joint like most high grade kits, in addition, they have another pivoting point that is flush to the curvature of the forearm shells. This allows for quite a bit of range for the hands.
The biceps are colored yellow which, in addition for the small shoulders, gives the mobile suit the illusion of a sleeveless shirt. This works well together with the boxy forearms giving the suit massive bracers.

Leg Units
It seems the joints in the whole kit have been done right. The pelvic joints mostly hidden under the skirt are quite sturdy and look fabulous the few times the actually appear. The knees utilize a square shank polycap that is surrounded by the calf shells. This joint in the calf is also quite big allowing for more friction due to the surface area. The calf shells also do not fully enclose the joint allowing for a color separation between the joint and the calfs.

My favorite part however is the feet. Although the ankle caps like to pop off as they shear against the armor surrounding it, and the tibia guards or boot tongues are mounted only on the inside via ball joint, the grips on the bottom have combat boot grips and have quite the color separation.

Head unit 
The disc that is the head on this mobile suit is made up of four pieces; two she'll halves, the face cover, and the sight lens. However, what makes this head the most beautiful head I have put together is the fifth piece; the shiny Magenta sticker behind the sight lens. This sticker was placed on a curve making the reflection, no matter what light is put up to it, a stripe inside the head.

The kit included three accessories; a combat knife, a shield, and a battle rifle that has a beam whip as kind of a bayonet. The combat knife is a single modeled piece with quite the panel lines.

The shield is made up of two pieces; the shield as a single molded item, and the mounting bracket for the forearm. The rifle is made up of two half shells as with most Gunpla rifles; nothing spectacular there.

Was it the lack of Gunpla for the last couple months, or is this Gunpla kit actually that spectacular? This answer, I will let you decide. Overall it was a beautiful build and I would advise anyone who likes Reconguista in G to grab this kit.


That is all from me, hope this helps in your Gunpla endeavors. This has been the Munitions, thank you for making it this far! 

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