[SD Messer WIP 002] Before The Winter...

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Next WIP post will probably show the filled in holes smoothed out and hopefully primed (as weather/time permits). The body is a little trickier with the custom mono-eye - I am not sure what the sequence of painting / assembly will look like yet.


As New England draw closer to winter, airbrushing outdoors becomes impossible - temperature drops, and sun sets earlier not ideal weather for airbrushing. At some point, I need to work with the guy at A Splash of Color to create a spray booth! Nevertheless after this WIP post, I will probably not be posting anything on this build until mid-Spring earliest. Hopefully our candy red paint job will improve from last time (if, in fact, that is my color choice).

After filling in the majority of the holes with putty, I put on a second layer, this time for sculpting. With my lack of skills and tools, the best I could do at the moment is general shapes. It looks okay, but I am definitely not satisfied with how it turned out. I need to at least smooth out all the dimples. One problem I ran into while filling these spaces, was an unexplainable collapse of the plastic walls on the other side. I did not take a picture of it, but on both arms that I puttied, the plastic became quite soft and began collapsing on itself. I remedied the problem by adding putty to the collapsing surface.

Though not fully satisfied with the result, I decided to prime what I had anyway. I would normally try to smooth out seam lines before priming, but the seams on the SD Messer are hidden quite well, especially for a 5-piece mobile suit. I decided it was not needed.

I think that's the extent of what I can accomplish before painting. Unfortunately I will have to put this project on hold for the winter. Hopefully more exciting things to fill the cold season with!

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