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We continue Mecha Analysis with episode 18 of Gundam G No Reconguista. Something to keep in mind when looking at the mechanical designs of Gundam G No Reconguista: The ones responsible for mechanical design are as follows,

  • Akira Yasuda, known for designing mechs in Turn A Gundam, Code Geass and Overman King Gainer.
  • Kimitoshi Yamane, notable for mechanical designs in G Gundam, Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, SEED Stargazer, IGLOO, and Eureka Seven: AO
  • Not much can be found about Ippei Gyobu. I think he's new.

Episode 18
OH MY SU-CORD! This episode of action made up for the heavy amounts of plot in the past couple of episodes. This race to the crescent ship and all the factions fighting for the G-Self made for an exciting chapter before we head off to Venus.


I am still not convinced that this suit is actually interesting, though one redeeming factor is the rocket kick it possesses.


The YG-111 shows off its plasma shield and blocks a beam saber. Though it has shown up multiple times already, I think this is the first time Bellri calls it a plasma shield - previous times its used and nothing is said about it.

Guy Trash

I'm not sure if this is the official name, but according to Gundam Guy, its Guy Trash. This fat mobile suit has this strange ring that mounts from the back and is set above the head, almost like a halo. This ring creates what Rockpie calls a Beam Manteau. With it Rockpie attempts to capture the G-Self on behlaf of the Towasangans.

Looking at images online before the show, I thought the suit looked pretty ugly, though looking at it in the episode, the Guy Trash isn't so bad. I like the suit's body type and I especially like the head design, but I'm still not convinced of the Beam Manteau ring.

inb4 P-Bandai online exclusive effect part.

That's all for Mecha Analysis, I'll see you next week!

On a side note, please stay tuned for more information on an upcoming r/Gunpla competition that will be hosted by redditor Brenticus302. As one of the judges, I will be posting information about it on this blog. I hope to see you there!

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