Another Hiatus

After over two years of this blog, I am not sure who reads this on a regular basis, but for those who actually follow this blog (without the help of reddit) thank you for keeping up with my work. I don't deserve any of your time, yet you stick around, read the blog, and look at the photos.
I am writing today not to review a kit or to show off a custom build, but to apologize. I finished off my Secret Santa series with the HGUC Delta Plus and proceeded to fall off the face of the earth. Though my brother, while he was here living the landlubber's life, was posting his builds, I continued silence even after he shipped out again (Thanks for keeping the blog running, bro).

After the major hiatus in early 2015, I was determined to have a more constant schedule of posts in 2016, however, that slipped pretty quickly with a build up of work and the transition back to classes. I cannot make any promises right now, but I wanted to, at the very least, assure any committed readers that I am not dead and I hope to be posting a review soon. Once again, I apologize for disappearing.
Currently I have a rough article written for the next review: my first Real Grade! I finished building it in mid-February, finished writing a rough article in late February, but the photography needs a little work. Here is a preview of what is to come,

Hopefully I can find the time to finish this article and move on to other builds. Until then, keep your cuts clean! This is Gundariumsmith, I'll be back!

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