It's been quite a day today, I am quite excited! Where do I start?
The GP Base from Santa Village JP via Amazon finally came in
The story of this HGBC GP Base is one that involves three other different group purchases I made with some friends. Placed orders ranged from January to last week. For one reason or another, none of the orders were coming in. Needless to say I became quite frustrated, especially because of the fact that the only kit I could work on at this point was the GoodGuy Competition Nemo.
It was late March or early April. After getting some Amazon cash from SocialSci, I decided I could pass the time waiting for these orders with a GP Base: maybe spend some time trying to wire some LEDs. Unfortunately when it started shipping, the estimated time of arrival was early May, so that plan fell through.
As the 2014 GoodGuy Competition came to a close, and the first order came in (Gundam Astray Red Frame w/ Flight Unit and Zaku I Sniper Type Yonem Kirks Custom), I was quite happy that I was finally able to start building something else. That is when I hear my brother is due to come back from his adventure on the high seas on Friday. On the day he arrives, the postman comes with this package. So while anticipating my brother's arrival, I also receive the GP Base.

It's quite a simple stand, and I hope to still do some custom lighting, since the plastic leaves a lot of play room and it would be fun to incorporate my very basic knowledge of circuits into this hobby, but that will probably be put on the back burner since I have the base kit for the Gunbarrel Astray and Jegan Sniper Type to work on.
More Box Photos!
Speaking of Jegan Sniper Type, my brother's arrival came with laughter, sea stories, and Gunpla: lots of Gunpla. Right before he left he asked our circle of friends for Gunpla requests. I had parts for the Jegan Sniper Type, but I did not actually have a Jegan, so I decided to trade my Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom) for any version of Jegan he could find. I'm happy he was able to find one at the local hobby shop so I did not have to make another online order.

Better Content to Come!
Next Time on Gundariumsmith: with the Red Frame complete, it is time to do a quick review. Though a photoshoot exists, I kept using the wrong settings through the excitement of today's events, became frustrated, and decided to redo on another day. I am hoping the other orders come in soon: this project I conceptualized in January is finally catching some moment, and I do not want it to become a back burner project.

So stay tuned, more content to come soon!

EDIT: I even forgot to title it. I think I just need a little sleep before continuing.

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