Welcome to Gundariumsmith (again). I hope you mostly enjoyed the content in the original blog. As I stated in my post, 'Moving!' There were features I wanted that were missing in Wordpress, so I decided to play around with Blogger and see what I can do with it. Though Blogger has some disadvantages, especially for a service affiliated with Google, there were too many features I could not pass up, mainly with tweaking the template to my liking (which only exists for a price on Wordpress). I am happy to make the switch, and I hope you, the reader, will enjoy the new format!

For my first post I just wanted to post my final photo set (this and more in the Gallery) for the GoodGuyCompetition that ended last night. I had some fun with photography, my first "real" hobby, right before the due date.

Bonus Photo: 'Heavily Armed' Nemo
I'm sort of upset at myself: I did not deliver the best photos as possible going into this event. Right before I took the photos, I was stealing my brother's borrowed, with granted permission, my brother's Gundam Ground Type to clean up and re-paint for practice on my upcoming projects.

Original paint job with re-painted M.S.G. hand guns.
Torso work.

Because of this, I had a tiny bit of paint on my fingers. Though I washed my hands, the remaining paint on my hands ended up sticking on to my contest entry. I started using latex gloves to make cleaning up easier, but I cannot undo for the contest at this point. In a way I am sort of glad the contest is over: I can finally stop worrying about deadlines and work at my own pace.

Projects to look forward to,
  • As seen in this post, RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type: Revisited
    • I will do a more in-depth post about this kit soon
    • I want to finish by week's end: before my brother gets back from his adventure on the high seas.
  • MBF-PV01+AQM/E-X04 Gundam Gunbarrel Astray
  • RGM-89SP ‘Jegan Sniper Type’ (part of a larger project known as 'Space Mercenary: Specter GM')
For more details on the latter two projects, please visit my "Projects" page.
Once again, Welcome to the new location of Gundariumsmith. Please stay tuned!

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