Introducing Morgenroete Munitions

In a couple previous entries I mentioned my brother and his overseas adventures. Now that he is back, he wanted to show off his work without having to create and maintain his own blog. Since blogs have the option of multiple authors I decided to give him access to post his own entries.
The other day I was trying to figure out the best way to introduce him, but since he told me he does not want to post anything that he was working on before the blog, there really was not much to introduce him with. That is until yesterday when we decided to work on a new Light Box together. With that, I am more than happy to announce a new author to this blog: my brother, comrade, enabler, salty sea dog, and creator of the light box shown in figure 1, Morgenroete Munitions.
fig. 1: Light Box Mk-II
Morgenroete, normally spelled Morgenröte and is German for "Dawn," is a reference to Orb Union's munitions company in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. He chose the name to compliment the theme that I created as Gundariumsmith.
As for the light box, after Morgenroete saw my light box and how flimsy it was, he built one, taking queues from my box to increase the structural integrity of the box, taping extra cardboard where needed. For the side and top panels, we used loose leaf lined paper, taped together (sections with hole punches were cut out) in a 2 x 2 grid. I decided to do a test run with some of the final set of items I recently obtained from the three group purchases. The following photos are taken with the same Canon PowerShot SX150 that I have been using, but this time with three CFL bulbs instead of two.

From the HLJ order I made in March, back when HLJ announced the HG Customize Campaign, I bought two items: HGUC GM, and HGBC Hyper Gunpla Battle Weapons (purchased in a group, so there were three other items and five in the total order). The order did actually ship until April, and the items did not arrive until some time last week. I was scared we would not get the bonus runners because our order delayed for so long. Thank goodness we did, because the two other friends I ordered with only joined me because of the bonuses. Quick reviews of these items to come!
In addition to testing the light box with packaged items, the trial photography run included an item Morgenoete had given me from his overseas adventure, SD BB Senshi Sengoku Astray. This Gunpla had been on my wishlist ever since it was announced. I am happy my brother was able to obtain it in Japan rather than having to pay for shipping. I will do a full photo session after I find the time to do some detail painting.

Taken with Light Box Mk-II

I found, with the size of the Light Box Mk-II, CFL bulbs are too far, causing the inside to be dimmer than my original light box: I am forced to use a tripod. In addition to the lighting, though the height makes 1/100 scale photography easier, the width was not as effective as I hoped. Even so, I am happy with the results of the new light box. All I need now is better lighting (and a better camera).

Going back to introducing Morgenroete, a kit that he decided to build and paint is the Gundam Ground Type. While I was working on the Nemo for the GGC, he was slapping Tamiya Olive Drab on his Ground Type. He sent home a large package at one point, with this kit included, writing I could do what I want with anything in the box - he was just playing around. So I started going on a painting frenzy, cleaning off the OD and repainting the parts with a little color separation.

Left: before repainting. Right: after repainting.
Now that Morgenroete is back (and seeing his Gundam Ground Type repainted as previously shown), he has been spending his vacation time doing some amazing work in the Gunpla world. Here is a taste of what is to come.

Photography by Morgenroete Munitions

This is the battery pack from the HGUC Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom). He painted it with Tamiya J.A. Green, Testors Flat Black and started the weathering process with Testors Silver. I am certainly impressed! Both of us have only been hand painting up to this point, but, in the near future, we will be jumping into the world of airbrushes with a Splash of Color. I hope you will look forward to more work from Morgenroete Munitions!

On a side note, the top pages will have to be arranged in a way that we can show both our work with a decent amount of distinction. I am not sure how to tackle this with the least amount of work, so I am leaving it for now.

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