The Best GM

Wilxlopez of Mobile Suit Studios is back with another photo hunt for the month of May. Last photo hunt ended with no one winning the entry "Z'gok with a Watermelon" (maybe that's a hint that I should be getting a Z'gok). A whole month and no one obtained a Z'gok. I actually considered ordering one purely for the 5 dollar Amazon cash (it would have almost been like rebate on the Z'gok). I decided against it since I was already pretty deep in spending. But seeing no one wanted to claim the easy prize, I decided to put together a paper cutout of a Z'gok as a pseudo-entry. 

Since it seemed to be well received by /r/Gunpla, I decided to go for round two of paper cutout pseudo-entries with a GM holding a flower.

Though by the time I found out about the May photo hunt, both prizes had already been claimed, making my entry relatively useless. Nevertheless I still had fun making  yet another corny doodle of this Earth Federation mobile suit.

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