Quick Review: Jegan

The one time I watched Char's Counter Attack, I was with two younger kids that did not appreciate the series, and I myself had only watched 0079 and Wing. Nothing really made any sense. The grunt suit that was featured in the anime, the Jegan, was even more forgettable: I did not remember seeing it in the anime. Fast forward a little less than a decade and I see the Jegan in Gundam Unicorn. The design grows on me, I gain a little inspiration for a custom design, and I request for one from my brother as he departs from Japan. In return I traded away my Zaku I Sniper Type.

Fig. 1: Beaming

After showing interest in the Jegan, I found a majority of people that built the Jegan gave positive reviews for the kit. At this point, I was ready to build another great kit, especially after building the Nemo.

Fig. 2: Height Comparison

The build was deceivingly simple. I was somewhat disappointed in how simple it was, especially for a kit made within the past five years. I know the difference in complexity relative to the Nemo is about the same, but the fact that a larger suit is less complex only amplifies that fact.

Fig. 3: Generic Action Pose
The most disappointing part of the kit were the feet. I know the Nemo was made more recently, but the foot articulation between the two are vastly different. In addition, there no option of sticker seals to create more color separation from this mint chocolate chip mobile suit. Even though I probably would not have used the sticker option, I figured it would be the least Bandai could include. 

Fig. 4: Shield Rockets

In conclusion, with the 1500 JPY price point, I was hoping for a little more. It is not a bad kit - it is quite a solid build - maybe I have been spoiled with more recent kits.

宇宙傭兵: スペクターGM, RGM-89SP Jegan Sniper Type

I am glad I have more in store for the Jegan: as a stand alone suit, I am not impressed, but I see the potential in a customized kit. That said, I present the RGM-89SP Jegan Sniper Type.

For the project Space Mercenary: Specter GM, this custom mobile suit will be one of five projects I will hopefully be working on in the near future (for more information, check out the Projects page). I bought the "pre-HGUC" HG 1/144 RGM-79(G) GM Sniper for the Beam Sniper Rifle. Not only was it cheaper than the other two options (GM Sniper II White Dingo, and Builders Parts System Weapon 004), I have another mobile suit and a number of accessories I could use for a number of projects.
Working on the rifle, I quickly found that the rifle does not fit HGUC kits. With a little shave and it fits perfectly.
Another problem I have with the rifle is the foregrip handle - it is held on by one thin point, causing the handle to be very flimsy. The newer versions of the beam sniper rifle has a much more secure handle and I am tempted to switch to the new design with System Weapon 004: So much for saving money.

Another problem I ran into was all my fault: I feel dumb. I went to top coat the rifle after I had everything painted, MS Sight Lens backing fitted in the scope, and lens painted Tamiya Clear Orange. I learned the hard way that I should try new sprays before spraying the object of interest. Now my rifle is speckled white. I'll find the time to fix that at some point, unless I actually get System Weapon 004. For now I will be working on preparing the kit for a full paint job. This should be fun.

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