Quick Review: RG Freedom Gundam

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"すみません (sumimasen)" I asked the girl in her Toys R Us apron as she tried to scurry into the back.
"すみません" again, but a little more assertive.
She turns and looks at me; I point at my tablet which was displaying a picture of a gunpla kit that had just released the day before, "do you have Crossbone Maoh?"

At first I had high hopes for the Crossbone that Maoh had put together, but the more and more I looked at the kit, the more I decided I would give it to someone who would appreciate it more. In return, Gunplaworks gave me a kit he had lost interest in; 1/144 RG ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam.

I was excited; my first real grade kit. So far, I have never built an inner frame, and I have always wanted to try it out; you know, build the innards, and shove the armor plates around it. However, as soon as I started looking around at the plates, I found these long grey pieces that were claimed to be the arms and legs. This was the first disappointment; I was hopping to build an inner frame, but instead, I received it pre-built. But not all hope was lost; I was sure to get a ton of detail around it; it is a Real Grade after all.

After putting together the body, I found that the only way the kit could stand without the wings, or any weapons was to lean it on is toes. This was disheartening because the wings would double the weight and add to the problem; and of course, my feelings had been right. As soon as I did add the wings, it was impossible for me to stand this kit upright without the wings touching the ground to keep it from falling backward.
Thank goodness I bought a couple action bases while I was in Sasebo, or I would have had no way to display this beautiful kit. I enjoyed building the Freedom despite what I had to say about it. As it has the Real Grade title, the color separation, the detailed pieces, everything was there. I am almost afraid of doing more than a straight build because of its plain beauty.

To sum it all up; I loved building this kit; however, for the selection of Real Grades right now, and my experience with Master Grades, I would rather spend twice as much than settle with a Real Grade.


  1. wow, beautiful photos! and it turned out really well. i'm glad you appreciated it more than I could.

  2. keep forgetting to mention this
    photo creds go to the Gundariumsmith; I think he spent an hour posing that one photo with the opposite facing beam sabers and another half hour for the other photo; the joints just did not want to work with him

    thanks Works