[2014 REFURB] Introductions

A couple days ago, redditor thelastbaldwin challenged all of r/Gunpla to take an old Gunpla kit and bring it new life through kit bashing, weathering, and scratch building. Naturally, I accepted the challenge.

My entry will be my first kit I ever worked on: the 2004 Master Grade Strike Rouge. In a previous post, on the old Wordpress, I stated "I do not plan on improving their design." Clearly this is not true anymore.

Morgenroete Munitions has also entered the contest with one of his first kits: the HG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Kai. Owning two versions of the Heavyarms, he decided the earlier one is in desperate need of a makeover.

Stay tuned for Works in Progress, and Photoshoots as we fix the mistakes of our past. We look forward to seeing everyone's improved kits in the next couple of weeks.
Good luck have fun!

PS: This means my Jegan Sniper Type and Gunbarrel Astray are further in the back burner. Also, I haven't forgotten about you, Gunpla Works: your SD Loto is still on my mind.

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