Custom Build: RGM-89SP Jegan Sniper Type

Finally! Of all the started custom projects that ended up on the back burner, I can finally deem one worthy of the title 'complete.' In my last post, introducing the entries my brother and I submitted to the Refurb 2014 competition, I mentioned my Jegan Sniper Type would be further back on the back burner. I was actually a lot closer to completion than I originally thought: while waiting for parts to fully cure, I picked up my Jegan, added some final touches of paint, and added a top coat to finish it off. With that said, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the first fifth of the Space Mercenary: Specter GM project, RGM-89SP Jegan Sniper Type!

The color scheme uses Testors Flat Gun Metal, Flat Sea Blue, and Silver enamels on Krylon Gray Primer. Because this is the first full paint job on a kit, there was one major problem I ran into while working on the kit. Because I wanted to remove some seam lines, I decided to glue the pieces down. Unfortunately I did not paint the insides before doing this, causing that bright 70s-esque machinery green to show up in parts. I tried my best to fix it and hopefully it will not be as obvious at a glance.


The long range beam rifle was taken off the HG GM Sniper, which ended up being cheaper than the System Weapon 004 set and included, what I believe, more options for future projects. the rifle could not fit the HGUC hands, but after a little bit of shaving down, the rifle fit in the Jegan's hand to a decent extent. Because I wanted more of a uniform color, I decided not to add the red contour sticker that was included for the lens: I replaced it with the largest lens from the Builders Parts MS Sight Lens set, painting the clear piece with a tiny bit of clear orange I borrowed from my friend.
I also added an MS Sight Lens to the Jegan's visor piece. Unfortunately it was not as clean as I hoped it to be. I just need to learn how to use putty and maybe get some tools. Overall, I was not entirely happy with the result.

With this project, I gained the courage to paint more complex pieces, like the 2004 Strike Rouge I am working on for the Refurb 2014 competition. Though I am not entirely happy with how it turned out, I am glad I have a start on this massive project.

I apologize for not posting in what seems like an eternity and I hope you enjoyed the lack of photos today. Honestly, I was not happy with how these photos turned out. I only found out after I edited and uploaded that all the photos are relatively out of focus. I may have to do a reshoot in the future.
Next up on the Specter GM project, I will most likely work on the "protagonist" suit, Specter GM. I have the kit new in box, waiting to be built, but I am still debating on color schemes and customizations on it. Maybe I will wait until after Refurb 2014.
Speaking of which, stay tuned for more from Morgenroete Munitions and myself, Gundariumsmith, as we continue work on the Refurb 2014 competition. Until next time, enjoy the Summer Sun (unless you are not a fellow resident of the Northern Hemisphere)!

Want to see more? The Specter GM project page is now open!

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