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Today we are going to look at the first Earth Federation mass produced Mobile Suit, the 'GM.' I picked this kit up on Hobby Link Japan while they hosted Bandai's HG Customize Campaign. Without that campaign, I do not think I would have picked this kit up, but for its price, I was willing to purchase this as long as I got the bonus runner with it. This order was part of the 'Winter-orders-that were-delayed' fiasco, but before I decide I want to write a thesis paper about it, let's go ahead and hit the 'GM.'

Opening the box, I could already tell how simple this kit was going to be: with only two runners, play options were looking bleak. At least there is a clear piece for the head.

The suit build is pretty solid, especially for a 2001 kit. I look back at a similarly aged kit, the 105Dagger, and I must say the GM holds up much better, even though it is three years older than the Dagger. Color separation is lacking, referring to the image above, you can see the ankle pistons are the same color as...the rest of the leg. I cannot take away points (I have a point system) for color separation though: the three bits of yellow on the suit really pop out on the red.


Play options, as I predicted, were pretty limited: Beam Spray Gun, Shield, Beam Saber, Beam Saber with attached "effect part," and two extra hands. The three pieces that make up the Spray Gun make for a pretty solid weapon, and the Shield's three-color separation is phenomenal. Not so much can be said about the tooth-pick beam saber. I think I will just pass on using it all together.

While on the subject of negative aspects of this kit, articulation is just bad. The image above shows the knee bent at 90 degrees. Not only is that it, the knee's "poly-cap cover" scrapes against the knee guard armor piece. I wonder how well paint will hold on the inside knees...

Overall I was not impressed with the kit. I should take an objective opinion and keep in mind that this kit was made in 2001 and sold for only 700 yen, but I have been spoiled by more recent High Grade kits like the HGUC MSA-003 Nemo

Six years of animation experience, and Twelve years of engineering blows the GM out of the water in almost every single aspect. Even so, I like the dated 70s styling of the GM. There is something charming about its simple design. I might have to pick up a GM II just for more comparisons.

Well that wraps up the review. I plan to use this kit for the GM Specter mercenary team (for more information, check out the Projects page) as the GM Specter.

This kit will stand alongside the Jegan Sniper Type and three other suits that I will eventually get working on. More on GM Specter (hopefully) soon: Please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, as the 2014 Refurb Build Contest is coming to a close. I am putting on the finishing touches on the Strike Rouge. Hopefully I can work with Splash of Color soon to put the cherry on top. Here is a sneak preview of what is to come.

see you soon~

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