[2014 Refurb] Mistakes Were Made

1/100 Gundam Heavy Arms Custom (Desert Mercenary Ver.)
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When I started thinking about what I should do for the Refurb competition, I looked through my shelf. I decided I should do something to the oldest kit in my inventory; 1/100 HG Gundam Heavy Arms Custom. After deciding what kit to take apart, prime, and paint, I was confused about what I wanted to do. I could have either gone with the forest jungle camo colors, the desert colors, or bought new paints. Since I had yet to touch my khaki and grey paints, I figured I could test those out; I started by painting the head.

I was sold immediately, I had to go the desert route. I started putting together ideas like, heavy arms is actually just a grunt suit from Sandrock's gang, or he has run out of ammo and must rely on melee weapons, but none the less, this guy is going to look sweet! That was when I sprayed too much primer on the right chest cover.

I ended up becoming very irritated and impatient which forced me to make a very bad decision; I started scraping it with my knife. now it looks like the cover was replaced with a piece of sheet aluminum. Suddenly, I lost interest; I got very distracted

But eventually, as the contest came to a close, I decided to finish it. All that was left was the legs at this point; all I needed to do was slap some paint on it to make it look like the rest and take a couple pictures, to be part of the competition right? So I did the normal clean, prime, and paint, got them finished, and slapped them on and realized this heavy arms has no weapons.

I tried placing some heat swords and some other weapons I had kicking around, but the hands just would not stick. I though maybe I should get some sticky tack, but that was too much work. So I ended up getting the old dual guns, and detaching the barrels to make something that looked like twin cannons.

I wrapped the kit in a screen mesh hoping for a cape cloak thing that was wable to be manipulated, but still looked remotely like something someone would use to camouflage in the desert. However, putting it on was a pain, and taking it off was a pain. Plus it put scratches everywhere.

I do not plan for this to be final, but I have run out of time for the competition. If I ever come back to this, I would probably add more color to the legs, and actually work on a nice looking cloak.

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