Quick Review: Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW Ver.

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While I was in Yokohama, Japan, my brother requested for a kit that had released recently. After I had sailed from Japan to Mobile, Alabama, I found the closest post office and sent it home before I was to fly to Okinawa due to a situation on another ship. When I had returned from work two months later however, I had long forgotten that I had done that.

At first, I did not care since I thought of this as a gift to my brother, but as I gave it a second look, I grew  more interested. Eventually, I finished all the other kits and I was left with nothing else. Thank goodness my brother lost interest and I was left with this gem.

Inner Frame

I decided to start off with the inner frame this time and what a satisfying feeling. After trying the whole inner frame idea with the RG Freedom Gundam, I did not want to buy another real grade ever again. However, the ability to set in place every single piece in the inner frame felt satisfying. Plus the size of the kit made the pieces less delicate; everything about the inner frame felt solid. So solid that I forgot that this was a transforming mobile suit.

Outer Details

Building from the bottom up, I realized I was only clipping white pieces while working on the legs. I thought to myself, there is no color separation is the only color is white, right? However, this all changed when I arrived at the upper body. from the yellow ring around the chest gem to the little white pieces on the shoulder, there are some unnecessary color separation. This of course makes the kit so much more beautiful and enjoyable to build.


Looking at the straight build sitting on my desk, no more work needs to be done beyond the straight build. of course I personally want to make the yellow parts gold, and a semi gloss finish on the white, but does not stop this piece from being beautiful alone. Basically, I expected nothing less from such a recent Master Grade.

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