Open Ocean Adventures: Schuzrum Gallus

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Every store I went to, I saw it; Aeon, Toys ‘R’ Us, the local kid’s toy store; everyone was selling it. I guess an obscure suit like the Schuzrum Gallus would not be very popular. But of all the places selling it, I just had to buy it in the Hobby Shop. It is the only local small business that I know of in Sasebo that is almost forty percent Gunpla. Plus they were doing the Summer 2014 Custom Campaign. Now that I think about it, I should have bought more.

According to what I know off the top of my head, the Schuzrum Gallus is an infighter Gallus who traded armor for speed and dexterity. Beyond that, I really have no idea why this was invented for one scene in Gundam Unicorn. But because of that one scene, I just had to get my hands on one.

Core Unit
The core unit, unlike many mono eye grunt suits, has a very wide chest. In fact, I would argue that the chest, without the magnet anchors, would be as wide as any Zaku. However, the shoulder extensions along with the color separation make the core and the magnet anchors feel separate.
The pipe that is extended from the chin into the chest inhibits the movement of the head. So much so that it might as well be stationary.

If you follow the instructions you will notice that the blue forearm half with cuff will be filled with the hand socket, the pistons, and that is connected all the way up to the bicep. Thus, if you do not place the bicep armor piece, you will see that the inner frame, although not connected all the way, pretty much fills the entire arm. Despite this cool revelation, I found that the arms do not actually have much articulation. Actually, I was quite disappointed.

After finding out about the arm’s pseudo inner frame, I was happy to see that the legs also have an inner frame. I have not built every single High Grade model at this point, but this is the first one I have built with an inner frame. However, as with the arms, the articulation is disappointing as well. Even though it is advertised that the hip joint can move almost forty-five degrees from the point of origin, do not be fooled by this

The shoulder mounted shield and knuckle duster combination was what sold me on the kit. However, after building it, I found that you have to switch pieces to change from attack to defense and vise-versa. In addition, the piece that holds the two shield parts in place is the smallest nub in the entire kit. Even the magnet anchors have a sturdier mounting method.
The bomb whip stowed on the back is a solid bracket. This surprised me because normally I would expect a round poly cap to allow the pack to rotate into different positions. However, there was no poly cap, and the shank was square.

After finding out how terrible the articulation was, and how weak some of the pieces came together, I decided I would not even bother building the bomb whip. On top of that, the stickers are a pain. Just looking at them, I gave up. If you have money to throw at Bandai, I would throw it elsewhere; this kit was not worth it by itself.

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