Quick Review: Beargguy III

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This is it. My journey can come to an end. I have found the holy grail, destroyed Mother Brain, obtained One Piece. Everything that I have been working towards is here. Beargguy-san, perfection in plastic. There is no other Gunpla kit as great as this one - anything else would be lackluster in comparison. I will never have to build again - BEARGGUY-SAN BANZAII!!

What? There are two television series and an OVA coming out in the next couple months? A new Beargguy was announced for the Build Fighters sequel? A NEW GUNDAM SERIES WRITTEN BY TOMINO? Whelp... everything I wrote was a farce.

For a majority of the summer, a friend of ours was out and about the fragrant harbor, Hong Kong. While he was enjoying the oppressive summer sun of the tropics, this friend of ours plotted to have troll gifts ready for our Gunpla community.
His troll gift to me - HGBF Beargguy III. Unfortunately for him, the troll gift backfired - Beargguy III is my favorite mobile suit from the Build Fighters series and I have been looking for a chance to pick one up. You can read more about how his other troll gifts backfired on Gunpla Work's review of the HGFC Nobel Gundam (Berserker Mode).
If you are reading this, "Tofu-guy," from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for Beargguy III

There is no Beargguy II: Beargguy III is a word pun. In Japanese the number three is pronounced 'san' which sounds like the Japanese honorific さん (san), the equivalent to the English honorifics Mr. or Mrs.

In the anime, Beargguy-san is a custom built gunpla by China Kousaka, a close friend and love interest of the protagonist, Sei Iori. She is invited to a tournament soon after completing the build and, with training from Reiji, partakes in Gunpla Battles of epic proportions.

Quick Review
Opening the box, I am met with three shades of yellow, some pink, and a tiny bit of dark gray. Nothing too crazy here. The background information section of the instruction manual is made to look like something out of a school girl's notebook - lined paper, pink lines and hearts. Like every HG Build Fighter kit, this section has a list that the gunpla drew inspiration from. The obvious listed kit would be the original Beargguy, but the other three, besides the fact that the mobile suits were piloted by females, make no sense,
  • Nobel Gundam - 
  • Qubeley
  • Tieren Taozi
How were those implemented into Beargguy-san? What kind of inspiration were drawn from them? I have no idea. Bandai could have included Acguy as the original base kit. It would have been a better choice than the other three.

The build is nothing like I have seen. The outer shell is normal hard plastic, but the "inner frame" of the hands and feet, made of a brighter yellow, are a strange softer slippery plastic. Not as soft as polycaps, but definitely softer than the normal plastic. A similar material is used for the pink bow.

The color separation on this kit is as good as Beargguy can get, the articulation is limited but solid - it can hold a pose - and the play options included are irrelevant relative to what is seen in the anime.

Disclaimer: Beargguy III cannot actually balance on its head.
In the end, the kit as a Gunpla model is very lackluster, I would not suggest it for anyone that is getting in to Gunpla looking for a challenging, complex build. On the other hand, its Beargguy-san. Carrying the box around Boston, a couple of my friends (male and female) were interested in the Bear-looking mobile suit. It is mobile suit novelty at its finest and no one can fault you for having one!

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