WIP Gundariumsmith: A Plethora of Updates

Be advised: this is essentially a wall of text, you will find mostly uninteresting things in this post (unless you are truly interested in this blog).

A Word of Apology
First of all, I apologize for not posting much of anything for the month of August and September. I am thankful Morgenroete has been able to post while he's abroad. With the Specter GM complete, pictured below, and the almost complete 'WeiƟ Hund Zulu' (all part of the Space Mercenary: Specter GM project), everything has been lined up to be posted, but with the REFURB contest, and my situation in August, I was not able to post much of anything. Hopefully I can find the time to finish up those projects and move on to the next part of the Specter GM project, GM Quel Semi-Striker

Specter GM with Jegan Sniper Type; Photograph Taken in July

"When will you actually finish the Gunbarrel Astray?"

Exciting News!
Since late July, I have been spearheading the plans for a group build among my small Gunpla community. After a few of us started planning mobile suit teams, we wanted to involve the rest of the members by creating a team where everyone in the community can contribute a mobile suit of their own. More news on this to come this Fall!

With Fall comes a new academic year. Though I am not part of the Academic system anymore, I volunteered at an after school program. This year, a friend we call Meijin and I finalized curriculum and gathered supplies to teach the basics of scale modeling at this program. With my schedule, there is a possibility I may not be able to teach, but everything has been set into motion! I am so excited to at least have paved the way for this class to become a reality. I would not stay tuned for more news on this, I will not be posting any more information about this class for the sake of privacy of the students.

Blog Overhaul
Now for the boring, but major part. I feel as though the gallery has become too cluttered and hard to read - Combining the list of kits my brother and I worked on makes the list pretty long. It is hard to find much of anything there.

So I decided to create a Featured Articles section. With categories like Recent Competition, and Monthly Top Viewed, the reader can see articles that stand out. Three seems okay for now, I might add more topics later.

With the gallery being hard to read and easily hitting the page limit of 6, I want to overhaul all the pages. For awhile I noticed the list of kits between my brother and myself is quite long. I tried to split it up into "Competition Gallery" and "Regular Gallery," but even that did not do much to make such a long list easy to read.
I think I need to consolidate everything from Reviews, Commissions, and Gallery pages into two pages - one for each author. This will most likely mean I will have to re-do all the graphics for the pages to fit into the new format (this will all happen in the background, so you won't see it until I am satisfied with the format) and most likely re-type some of the content.
As for the Projects page, I might have to incorporate the content into the Gallery through Google Docs/Drive to save space. I am not sure how this will look, but I will definitely consider it.

With that, I will reduce my page count to four (Home, About, Gundariumsmith, Morgenroete), leaving me with two open pages. I'll leave at least one open for a contest page (ooo, you heard it here first - contest to be organized in the future), and the other page, I may bring back my Wishlist, but I do not know how interesting that actually is to anyone.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about the format of this blog, feel free to leave it in the comments (it's filtered so it might not show up, but I'll still read it). Thanks for reading this!

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