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Here's something different: rather than showing off my own work, I decided to feature a very special Gunpla Builder on this blog. I have been thinking about ways to feature other local builders that may not have the time or motivation to create a blog but creating content about someone else is a lot harder than writing about one's self.
Good thing today's featured builder has been in my life for quite some time. So without further ado, I proudly present a builder fairly new to Gunpla and the Gundam franchise, Indigo!

Welcome to the Bug Hunt by Indigo
Indigo is a freelance illustrator and graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He's worked on all sorts of projects from illustrating children's books to concept art for a game company, he's even produced an illustration for a hot sauce label! But his favorite subjects to draw are bugs (as you might be able to figure out from his Tumblr username). Even at an early age, I saw his fascination for all sorts of bugs.

For the past two months, Indigo has been producing daily illustrations with "September Study" and "Inktober." If you are not fond of bugs, worry not, he has many illustrations based on many other creatures including Humans! Please check him out on indigobugs.tumblr.com and society6.com/indigom

Gunpla Origin Story

July 2014: the height of one of the best summers ever. I had recently purchased a pre-HGUC HG GM Sniper for the long distance beam rifle as a cheaper option than getting the Builders Parts System Weapon 004. With this purchase, I also obtained an extra mobile suit with a variety of weapons, and a 1:1200 scale Apsalus III. Using the beam rifle on my Jegan Sniper Type, I had no direct plan for the rest of the kit.
While talking to Indigo one evening, he showed a decent amount of interest in Gunpla. I decided to give him the remainder of the kit as a way to kick off the hobby (without having to invest in anything).

WIP: HG GM Sniper
While Indigo was working on the GM Sniper, redditor WilxLopez of Mobile Suit Studios posted a photohunt giveaway for the month of July. The normal 5 USD Amazon gift cards were distributed, but one other prize was included this month - HGUC Z'gok (Char's colors). I ended up snagging that prize.
At the time I was working pretty hard on finishing the Strike Senketsu so most of the kits I ordered and received were on backlog. As Indigo finished the straight build of the partial kit I gave him, I thought it would be appropriate to pass the HGUC Z'gok to a new builder.

WIP: HGUC Char's Z'gok
Indigo has plans to do full paint jobs on both kits. In fact, he's already primed them. I cannot wait to see the results! I continued fueling the fire by giving Indigo a HGUC Zaku I for his birthday, but he hasn't been able to do much with Gunpla as of late. Hopefully he will have more time for this new found hobby soon!

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