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Today on Mecha Analysis, we look at episode 2 of Gundam Build Fighters Try.
Something to keep in mind when looking at the Gunpla: Returning from Gundam Build Fighters, the ones responsible for mechanical design of Gundam Build Fighters Try are as follows,
  • Kunio Okawara: THE Gundam designer, designing the original RX-78-2, and Zaku II along with many designs through the years. He's had his hand in Zeta, ZZ, 0080, F90, F91, 0083, Victory, G Gundam, 08th, Wing, X, Turn A, SEED, 00, Unicorn, and many other non-Gundam anime. Holy crap this list is long.
  • Not much is said about Junichi Akutsu, Junya Ishigaki, and Kenji Teraoka.
  • Kanetake Ebikawa, though has been working as a mechanical designer since the late 90s with anime like Blue Submarine No.6 and Full Metal Panic!, did not start designing for the Gundam franchise until 2007 with Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Other notable works include Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Gundam AGE, and Euerka Seven: AO.

Episode 2
The second episode seems to bring closure to the first episode by having an 'official' team fight rather than an impromptu one-on-one/two battle. A little background between Fumina and Yuuma is revealed, but that's about all we get to see.
On a side note, I should really add a spoiler disclaimer somewhere, these articles are littered with spoilers.


To introduce the episode, we travel back in time to Yuuma's Airmaster days. Not much is different about the kit, just some additional armaments like the long distance beam rifle, Yuuma's specialty, and some calf mounted rocket launchers.

The kit is destroyed by a mysterious mobile suit piloted by a jerk of a human being. Only someone out to break dreams would say something like that to a kid.

I'm no Yuuma fanboy (yet) - nothing in this episode will make me want an Airmaster.

Hobby Hi-Zack

Not much can be said about the features of the Hobby Hi-Zack - it gets shot down pretty quickly. This reflects Eri, a member of the Plamo Club, who has no interest in Gunpla Battles.

The colors of Hobby Hi-Zack remind me of the mobile suit cameo in Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō.

Is it time to get a Hi-Zack and some baby-blue paint?


Why is the Enact back? The show needs less lime and they decided to bring in an even more! Miyaga's Agrissa is not allowed in official Gunpla Battles,but this official school battle apparently does not share the same rules as the World Tournament. No real action is seen by the Agrissa, hovering over the Powered GM Cardigan, slowly destroying the suit with its...electric field.

Powered GM Cardigan

Not much action in this episode varies from episode 1: Fumina still uses her plethora of weapons. As mentioned in the Agrissa section, the Powered GM is caught in an electric field and gets slowly destroyed.

C'mon, Fumina, you're losing points here! Just kidding, the Powered GM is still in my list of kits I'd eventually want. It might get pushed back for other suits though.

Lightning Gundam

It seems like the Lighting Gundam is attracting a lot of attention. We get to see more action out of Yuuma, though, as a sniper, he is not fond of the action he gets. He ends up using his long distance beam rifle, like he did in the previous episode, and while trying to keep distance from Build Burning Gundam, Yuuma uses his vulcans quite a bit.

Lightning Gundam's features are not fully revealed and I look forward to seeing this guy perform with the rest of the team. "GO FIGHT!! GO FIGHT!! LET YOU GO!! (I really hate that song)"

Build Burning Gundam

Let's talk with the fists of our Gunpla, Yuuma! 
Jigen Haoh School! Seiso-Gen!

Sekai reflects all that is good about G Gundam. The Super Robot genre lives within Gundam as much as the realism of the Universal Century. Maybe that's why the only lead suit I've ever built is G Gundam. I might make Build Burning my second.

Cameos of the Week
One unique feature the Gundam Build Fighters universe offers is the ability to show any mobile suit they choose, whether it be an obscure suit from an outdated kit, a custom fan creation, or an in-house custom mobile suit. Almost every episode of Gundam Build Fighters has at least one cameo and Gundam Build Fighters Try is no different. There were no one-off mobile suit cameos unfortunately. Airmaster might count, but one of the protagonists was piloting it, so it does not truly count. However, there was a character cameo!

I don't think I could write this article and not mention reoccurring characters. In episode 1, Mr. Ral shows up, but he was considered main cast before the show aired. The Meijin also shows up, but he is also in the opening (I'm making excuses now: episode 1 did not have the OP), so he's bound to show up later. This episode, we see China Kousaka, Yuuma's sister and Beargguy III's ace pilot. I hope to see more reoccurring characters. Will we see Fellini?

Please check out Oyama7's ReCaAp of episode 2 and hope to see you on the next Mecha Analysis where we look at episode 4 of G no Reconguista!

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