Open Ocean Custom: Gallus GM [Ren Custom]

If you're seeing this in your news feed for the second time, I apologize: for some strange reason this post was reverted to a draft. Good thing nothing got deleted - no harm, no foul.
A group of my friends decided to make a group build a while ago. Of the many ideas, the final decision became space pirates of the mono-eye type. At the time, the Schuzrum Gallus and the Rozen Zulu [Ep. 7 Ver] came out.  I just had to test them out.
One of the ideas floating around my head was to use the arm cuffs of the Rozen Zulu. However, due to the shear size of the mobile suit compared to many others, my original kit bash with the Kampfer was out the window. In addition, due to the lack of access to hobby shops while out at sea, I could not exactly modify the idea.

Back Story
While on watch at sea, my mind started running with ideas. Eventually, Fiona Reynolds - a recent Earth Federation Space Force Academy graduate (assuming there is one) that was tasked to stand watch on a far away space colony - was realized. As the story goes, Fiona joins a faction of the space pirates through a series of conversations and revelations about Federation practices.

Over time her suit is fixed and upgraded with extra Gallus parts. However, due to the weaker hydraulic power of the GM core, many armor plates were removed. The purpose of the mobile suit is to give an extended distance of travel and a form of defense for the spider excavator. This excavator is a modified colony shuttle that is now used to plunder supplies from the federation.

Gm sniper K9 and Skull Weapon Set

Fortunately the Gallus and Rozen Zulu were not the only ones I had bought at the time: I figured I could tinker. I was told that the GM sniper K9 was a fun build.  So along with the Skull Weapon Set, I set forth and built the first version of my kit bash. The K9, instead of a giant rifle, was replaced with the booster fitting from the skull set. However, the crossbones boosters were replaced with the arms. This would allow the as to be closer to the back as opposed to the original extended apparatus.


Schuzrum Gallus
After starting the Gallus, I discovered that the ligaments had very similar connections. Thus, after the straight build, I started to tinker with combinations between the two kits. I found that the original Gallus had a wide chest. At first it was alright, but after attaching the arms and legs to the GM Sniper core, I found the kitbash I was looking for. I wanted to keep the shields, but they inhibited on the details of the arms.

The only primer I could find in a hurry was a gray 1000 grit Tamiya primer. But because I was lacking paints, I decided only to prime the armor plates of the Gallus ligaments. The core was the only part I did not prime while underway.


Now that I have paints, I would like to get started. However, the alongside period is busy and I do not have as much time as I would like. Hopefully more progress soon to come!

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