[Why I Hate Money] Episode 2: "The Prospect of November"

Previously on Why I Hate Money: Anticipation For October.

I wanted to get this out on Halloween, but the latter half of October became very busy and I think I ended up writing and recording about more kits this time. At least I was able to finish this in the first week of November rather than half way through (when most of the kits would already be released) and like last time, I hope you enjoy yet another video presentation with my monotonous voice. Let me know what you think!

Also, for those who remember Morgenroete's Open Ocean Adventures (Schuzrum Gallus and Rozen Zulu), I anticipate some new posts in the coming week(s). Here's a little teaser of what might show up on this blog,

I am unsure how much time is available to him, but I sure am excited to see what he has in store! Please stay tuned!


  1. you keep ignoring the transforming kits. dont worry. i got you covered on those ;)

    1. If I had more time in October, I would have recorded a few words from you about Lightning and Arcane. Maybe we can do something in December.