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Today on Mecha Analysis, we look at episode 12 of Gundam Moonraker. Something to keep in mind when looking at the mechanical designs of Gundam Moonraker: The ones responsible for mechanical design are as follows,
  • Akira Yasuda, known for designing mechs in Turn A Gundam, Code Geass and Overman King Gainer.
  • Kimitoshi Yamane, notable for mechanical designs in G Gundam, Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, SEED Stargazer, IGLOO, and Eureka Seven: AO
  • Not much can be found about Ippei Gyobu. I think he's new.

Episode 12
How is it that every pack these mechanics make for other mobile suits end up not working for the intended mobile suit but magically work on the G-Self? Could the G-Self possibly related to Simon's Lagann? Whatever the case, I would like to see the G-Arcane with the Assault Pack.

Mac Knife

Apparently saying "all ligaments are weapons" was an understatement. These monsters have weapons EVERYWHERE. Even the crotch. Yes, crotch rockets. I here I thought boob missiles were strange.


We see the G-Self in the Assault Pack, a pack with seemingly nothing but weapons from top to bottom. With beam cannons over the shoulder and rocket pods by its waist, this pack does not promote mobility, but specifically to fire from one location.
I like how the Assault pack is large enough that it can be used as a sniper's perch. The Pack is like a mobile fortress!

Aesthetically, I was not a big fan upon its HG announcement. However, after seeing a glimpse of it in this episode, the pack is growing on me, especially how the G-Self looks with the leg armor while detached from the Assault pack, as seen below (looks like I'd have to get vanilla G-Self and Assualt to achieve this look).

I still want the reflector pack, but if it does not get announced (or if it becomes a P-Bandai Online Exclusive), then I could settle for this.


This is nothing like the space station Roger Moore encounters in the movie, Moonraker, but this talk about a threat from the moon (and not seeing significant time in space until now) has got me thinking about Ian Fleming's ridiculous story. 
After developing characters from the Capital Guard, Capital Army, Ameria, and the pirates, we are suddenly introduced to yet another new faction that has up until now been only hinted at. I wonder what this moon race has to bring to the table!
It better not have any similarities to the Vagan's story. We do not need any UE in this story!

Anyway that is all for Mecha Analysis this week. I hope you're excited as I am for the next episode as we are introduced to some interested mobile suits in the previews. Until next time, keep your Chuchumy close!

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