Quick Review:Adele (Diva Colors)

This weekend, we take a look at my favorite mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, the Adele. I picked up this mass production version of Gundam AGE-1 (along with the HGUC GM Striker) at Gundam Planet earlier this month. The trek from Jersey City to Palisades Park was not a fun one, but coming from Boston, I could not let the opportunity pass.

The 1/12 scale RX-78-2 found by the entrance of Gundam Planet
The Adele is one of the mass produced mobile suit from the Earth Federation in 140 AG. It is based on Gundam AGE-1 and, as such, can use the wear system, specifically the ones used by AGE-1 such as Titus and Spallow. Though the primary color for the Adele is a shade of mint on white, the two Adeles used aboard the Diva were colored blue, similar to the blue on the protagonist suits. These two blue suits are piloted by Max Hartway and Arisa Gunhale.

Quick Review
Since the Adele is a mass production version of Gundam AGE-1, the kit borrows a lot of pieces from AGE-1, mainly the torso. As such, a lot of spare pieces from AGE-1 remain in the runners, specifically the legs.

Like the Genoace Custom, the Adele is a pretty simple build. Unfortunately there are less play options than the Genoace Custom and the articulation is not as good, especially in the waist. At least it doesn't fall apart like the G-Exes Jackedge I have.

One thing that really draws me to this Adele is the Diva Colors. The blue has that lead protagonist vibrancy, yet it has the simplicity of a grunt suit. I especially like the blue in the shoulders combined with the white chest plate that goes on top of the blue torso. The suit will stand out even more when the number decal is applied.

Some more subtle detail in this kit reside in the legs. There are gray inserts behind the legs as extra thrusters. For a high grade, that is some great detail that will not be normally seen while the kit is on display.

One major problem I have with this kit is the shield attachment. the adapter is a very short flat piece that can easily fall off from the arm. And unlike the regular HG Shield adapters, the shield adapter for the Adele does not have two attachment points, meaning the arm would have to be in an awkward position to have the shield facing forward.

Overall I am happy with this kit. Though a somewhat simple build with only a small amount of play options to offer, the subtle details throughout the deceivingly simple design can be an attention grabber, especially if you have two of these in vibrant blue on display back to back.
On top of this already great kit, the one thing this mass production mobile suit has over any other grunt suit in Gundam AGE is the fact that it can take on AGE-1's wear system (and remain canon). This means any of the AGE-1 Variants can be swapped in for the Adele. Though you will end up spending an extra 15-20 USD just to change up the Adele, the fact that this play option is available makes up for the lack of play options in the base kit.

Here is the straight build Adele Spallow. The blue in AGE-1 Spallow and Adele Diva Colors are slightly different, but still look good when combined. As mentioned on the quick review of the Genoace Custom, I plan on gathering the whole mobile suit team on the Diva. With the Adele Spallow, I plan on representing Arisa Gunhale in episode 25 (project page with more details soon to come is here).
That is all on the quick review of Adele (Diva Colors). I hope you all enjoy(ed) your vacations and may the new year bring us all motivation to bring our skills to a new level. May your cuts be clean and your sand paper rough. This is Gundariumsmith wishing all of you a Happy Twenty Fifteen!

PS: More on the HG AGE-1 Spallow soon: As of right now, I did only built the ligaments to add on to the Adele. It should be finished soon, so please stay tuned!


  1. The Genoace Custom has poorer shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles, so the Adele;s articulation blows it out of the water.
    Also, you can take off the forearm armor, shift it 90 degrees, and reattach it if you want to attach the shield facing sideways.

    1. Thank you for pointing the cuff position out, I'll have to play around with the kit a little more.

      As for articulation compared to the Genoace Custom, I completely disagree, Though the knees and elbows may have slightly better articulation in the Adele, the torso design on the Genoace Custom allows for much more interesting poses despite the inferior ligament joints.
      In the end, I don't think either kit is much better than the other: Even if the Adele is, as you say, better than the Genoace Custom, it certainly does not "blow it out of the water."

  2. Regarding your issue with the shield connector, I direct your attention to Step 14 in the manual where it shows you can rotate the cuff to bring the shield to the side of the arm (and if you want to bring it to the front it only takes a 45-90 degree turn instead of the 180)

    Source: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10174596z4/70/4

    1. As I said to Otonashi, thank you for pointing the cuff position out, I'll have to play around with the kit a little more.