Second Generation Diva Crew, Mobile Suit Division

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This is the year 140 AG, 26 years after the "Battle of the Bat Extermination." The War between Earth Federation and the Mars Sphere nation, Vagan, is still continuing. In response to the Vagans who have slowly expanded their area of control, the Earth Fedeation government is proceeding with a plan to counter attack on a grand scale
-Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, episode 16

One year later protagonist Asemu Asuno graduates and joins the military, and is assigned to the Diva as a mobile suit pilot. Commanded by veteran pilot Woolf Enneacle, Asemu and his team support the Diva and the missions carried out by Earth Federation Commander and father to Asemu, Flit Asuno.

Though Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is not considered one of the better series in the franchise, the show definitely had some great moments, especially in Asemu's arc (episodes 16-28). Many of the memorable characters of Gundam AGE first appear in this story arc and carry on in the latter half as some of the best characters to be seen in the series. After watching the full series, the second generation mobile suit team on the Diva continued to stand out as a great team with good character development and pilot chemistry. I knew I would eventually want to create this team for my shelf.

The team consists of the following mobile suits,
  • Gundam AGE-2 piloted by Asemu Asuno
  • G-Bouncer piloted by Woolf Enneacle
  • Genoace II piloted by Obright Lorain
  • Adele 
    • Unit 1 piloted by Max Hartway
    • Unit 2 piloted by Arisa Gunhale
To change up the collection a small amount, I wanted to create the team seen in episode 25: Arisa's Unit 2 is an Adele Spallow and Asemu pilots the recently obtained Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet. I am not sure if I want to do the proper battle damage for the Adele pair, but it is definitely on my mind.

Phase 1: Gathering Gunpla
A part of me hoped Bandai would get around to producing the kits required for this project so I would not have to put too much work in this project. Unfortunately, Gundam AGE was not popular enough for Bandai to produce any more kits. Even the prototyped Master Grade AGE-3 Normal and AGE-FX halted in production. At least all the base kits exist.
Before doing any major work, I made sure I had all the base kits so that any painting could be done with accurate and consistent color. While collecting the required pieces, I wrote some quick reviews on the way.

Phase 2: Work Log
To finalize the collection, a certain amount of customization must be done. The following is a collection of work logs leading up to the eventual complete mobile suit team.
  • Phase 1 incomplete.

Phase 3: Photoshoot