[Why I Hate Money] Episode 3: "The Perfect December"

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From my desk to your ears, its the last episode of Why I Hate Money for Two Thousand Fourteen. Thank you for your continued support of this experimental series. I hope you will enjoy this month's episode as much as I have been enjoying writing, recording, and editing these bits!

From Gundariumsmith and Morgenroete Munitions, Happy Holidays and may the rest of 2014 bring you joy, no matter where you are in this world (apply the eggnog liberally)!

On a side note, I will be heading down to New Jersey in the near future. Hopefully I will have time to visit Gundam Planet's physical location. Maybe I'll make this a pilgrimage experience!

I wonder what kit I should pick up while I'm there...


  1. the volume levels are somewhat disorienting. the theme song is a bit loud, whereas once you start talking, you're a bit quieter which causes me to turn up and down my volume accordingly. its very minimal, but it might just be me

    1. I hear what you mean. I notice a stark contrast with the pre-subtitle introduction and the music before and after it. Sorry about that.

      The levels have been a problem on every episode. It's definitely something I need to work on the next time I do this (whenever that may be), whether it be editing it on Audacity or being more consistent on the mic. Hopefully I'll have a more permanent setup the next time I do this.