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We continue Mecha Analysis with episode 16 of Gundam G No Reconguista. Something to keep in mind when looking at the mechanical designs of Gundam G No Reconguista: The ones responsible for mechanical design are as follows,

  • Akira Yasuda, known for designing mechs in Turn A Gundam, Code Geass and Overman King Gainer.
  • Kimitoshi Yamane, notable for mechanical designs in G Gundam, Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, SEED Stargazer, IGLOO, and Eureka Seven: AO
  • Not much can be found about Ippei Gyobu. I think he's new.

Episode 16
The revelation that two characters in love are actually siblings, especially in a sci-fi/space opera, is a trope made famous by the Star Wars trilogy. I cannot cite sources, but I remember, at one point, Tomino admitting to having heavy inflences from Star Wars when he wrote/animated the first Mobile Suit Gundam. I'm sure part of this brother-sister revelation has partial roots from Star Wars.


The episode had low amounts of action. All we see is the G-Self fly out and encounter a squad of Zackses. Even so, we are given a few new features to talk about, even features that are not combat related.

It is revealed early in the episode that the G-Self was made to find the Rayhunton remnant through DNA scanning. The YG-111 G-Self could only be piloted by members of the Rayhunton family, in this case, Aida and Bellri.


An additional not-as-impressive feature we see is in combat with the Zeckses. While Bellri is stuck in a net, he uses vulcans attached to the shield. Usually the vulcans are attached to the chest or the head.

This episode was not as exciting as I hoped it would be - the revelation of Bellri and Aida being of the Rayhunton family sort of fizzled out. Will there be more revealed about Bellri and Aida's parents? There better be! That is all for the week, until next time, this has been Gundariumsmith on Mecha Analysis. Have a good weekend!

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