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We continue Mecha Analysis with episode 19 of Gundam G No Reconguista. Something to keep in mind when looking at the mechanical designs of Gundam G No Reconguista: The ones responsible for mechanical design are as follows,

  • Akira Yasuda, known for designing mechs in Turn A Gundam, Code Geass and Overman King Gainer.
  • Kimitoshi Yamane, notable for mechanical designs in G Gundam, Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, SEED Stargazer, IGLOO, and Eureka Seven: AO
  • Not much can be found about Ippei Gyobu. I think he's new.

Episode 19
There was a lot less action involved in this episode. We get our first glimpse at a new faction's mobile suits, but we do not see much of them. I think we'll see more in the next episode, but for now, we can go through the suits we saw.


We get a first look at the Gaeon in the anime! The kit was announced quite a few weeks back, but we never got to see it in action. We do not see it in battle, but we do see it fly around a bit.
One thing we did not see from the kit is the large shields and massive fingers on its back. I wonder if it's an upgrade for later or if the pilot did not feel the need to equip these armaments. Either way, I'm sure this suit will be fun to watch in battle.


Another suit from Venus nation, this suit also does not see any action. I'm a fan of the head design, which reminds me of the Efreet, but the shoulders and legs are somewhat strange to me. We'll see how this guy fares in the following episodes.


I found the name in Japanese on Gundam Guy. Throwing ジャイオーン into translate.google.com, the English comes up as Jaion. I do not know what the official name will be, but that is irrelevant at this time. Like the other two Venus suits, we see no action from this suit. Once again, I am a big fan of the head design. The backs of the legs look like there are thrsuter vents, which might look interesting, and the asymmetrical arms make for an overall interesting design. I just wish it was not yellow...


This massive mobile...armor(?)  is pretty silly. It is said to have some sort of Anti-Minovsky device, whatever that's supposed to mean. I'm sure, like the other suits, we'll see it in action soon enough.

Sorry there's not much in this article. It is hard to write about mechs in an episode heavy with dialogue. Of course, this was by no means a bad episode, I am excited to see more of the world Tomino has set up. In any case, that is all for this week of Mecha Analysis. I hope to see you next week!

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