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When I first saw the Hi-Mock in Japan, I could not help but notice that the price was so low. However, what kept me from picking it up originally was the fact that I had no space in my luggage. So instead, I bought the Mock Army Weapon Set. This past weekend, a bunch of my Gunpla builder friends decided to head north to a comic store, where my brother and I had scouted out an aisle filled with Gunpla. To say the least, a couple of my friends were in tears.

I picked up a couple kits of course, the Hi-Mock was among them. Although the price was approximately three dollars above the suggested retail price of eight hundred yen, It has been the best price I have seen in a store in my area.

Straight Build: What's Inside

Nothing much to say about the head. It was a single dome that has a hook to latch to the chest and a standard poly-cap socket.

Because of the minimalistic design and the deviation from the standard Gunpla kit, I thought the body's design was quite unique. However, I thought back to the Grimorie, and that too has a similar design. Because the core is connected by two poly-cap ball joints, fore, aft, and side crunches are quite easily handled
The backpack is made up of two half shells that house four empty poly-caps. This allows for high customization.

unlike the normal Gundam pauldrons design, The spherical shoulders allow for the arms to have fantastic articulation. Need the arms to reach over the shoulder? No problem; just rotate the shoulders 180 degrees and the arm now flies over the head. With pauldrons however, you can not do this without making the kit look weird
In addition, the shoulders and the forearms have covers for more empty poly-caps.


As mentioned before, because of the deviation from a standard Gunpla kit, there was much more freedom in designing this grunt suit; you can experience this in the foot work alone. The foot can move side to side for almost a centimeter allowing for quite the pose-ability. Although there the splits are under-par, standard articulation is quite free.
And you guessed it; there are also more empty slots on the legs; this time they did not even try to hide it!

without the Mock Army Weapon Set, the Hi-Mock only comes with a split shell machine gun. I was surprised it came with one at all. 

My Thoguhts
I have not experimented with the customization of this kit yet, but as a stand alone kit, I cannot complain. Even if the price was higher than it is, I would still suggest it. It looks great, it moves great, and all at a great low price. If you want to experiment weathering or painting on something other than a spoon, this is it! If you are just getting into Gunpla and you are wondering what kit to get, this is it! It's Cheap, yet is utilizes all the engineering from all the other kits from the past. If you want to try something, this is the kit to get!

Shout out to Comic Store for having everything; I wish I lived closer.

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