Couch Review: Beargguy III

Here's something a little different: we are not looking at a Gunpla kit today. Instead, we are looking at a GFT exclusive. I hope you enjoy!

I saw a friend I had not see all semester today. She had been in Australia studying abroad. While she was on the other side of the hemisphere, she decided to visit family in Japan. She asked a couple friends, including myself, if we wanted anything.

Turns out that is a dangerous question to ask me.

I asked her to swing by a building dedicated to something she is completely uninterested in, find an item that is only sold in that building, and bring it home (to be fair, this was not a gift, I owe her money...and possibly favors). The item, as you may have seen in the title image, is the Beargguy III plush from Gundam Front Tokyo.

In the meta-series, Gundam Build Fighters, the character China Kousaka builds a custom Gunpla she calls Beargguy III. There is no Beargguy II: Beargguy III is a word pun. In Japanese the number three is pronounced 'san' which sounds like the Japanese honorific さん (san), the equivalent to the English honorifics Mr. or Mrs.

This suit only shows up as a side story but has become quite iconic in the realm of Gunpla as many have used the kit as a base for many customized works. With its variant, Beargguy F, even more ridiculous ideas have shown up.

I have a huge bias towards Beargguy. There is no doubt I love this 'gguy,' though I feel like some corners were cut in the production of this plush.

The head is massive, like it should be. In fact, most of the mass is in the head, leaving everything else dangling. Super cute! However, I feel as though the arms and legs should be more cylindrical: they're pretty flat and insignificant. Also, the color separation is done through what I believe is screen print where the head has a massive amount of embroidery. Not sure if I agree with that decision, but I can only assume it was to cut costs not just of production, but for the consumer.

The bow is made of a softer material and has a nice embroidered touch to it, though I would have foregone that embroidery for an embroidered chest ( I really do not like how it feels).

HGBF Beargguy III
When I first saw images of this plush on Gundam Guy, I was afraid it was going to be a tiny plush (like the regular production catbug plush, which I still need to obtain). Turns out this ball of cotton is a good size (refer to images above and below for size comparison).

HGUC REVIVE RX-78-2 Gundam (I need to work on my white balance)
Pikachu Plush: Pokemon World Tournament 2015 (Boston)
Overall a very cute addition to my small collection of plush toys and a fun plush to have. If you ever find yourself in Japan, staring up at a 1:1 scale RX-78-2, then maybe consider the non-Gunpla items at Gundam Front Tokyo, like Gundam socks.

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