Quick Review: HG00 Over Flag

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I'm not going to lie. One of the biggest reasons why I picked this kit up was GoodGuyDan's NG 1/100 build. I may have to find myself one if I like the HG Over Flag enough.

In the last review, I mentioned I had not purchased a single kit from the 00 series up until last month: Eight years since the series started and six years into the hobby and I never touched 00. I guess you could say I just lost my 00 virginity to a flying stick figure.
It should also be known that this is my first true transforming kit (not counting "parts-former"). I usually steer clear of transforming kits not only because they do not suit my taste, but because of their typically finicky nature.
This review will be stepping out of my comfort zone for sure.

This modified Union Flag is a limited production suit made for the 'Over Flags,' also known as the Anti-Gundam Investigation Team (who decided to name the team after the suits they use? This will, in no way, be confusing). It essentially looks the same as Graham's custom Flag.

Dark colored Gunpla scare me. Building the kit, there is that one moment of complacency and I end up warping the plastic, producing irreversible damage to the straight build. Hopefully you will not notice any of the blemishes.

What originally drew me to the Over Flag is the back torso. The four main vents make for a very sleek design. It is like having a slimmed down Aile Striker Pack built into a suit. The sleek design continues with the head and shoulder area. I am drawn by the sharp angles and simple design.

The ligaments attempt to continue the sleek motif, but fall short due to certain design choices, specifically the feet and hands. The hands look okay, but they look like massive gauntlets on dainty arms: it just look strange. As for the feet, they just look completely out of place.

The weapons are definitely nothing to die for. They look crappy, the feel flimsy, and they contribute little to the sleekness of the kit (the weapon the doubles as a nose looks terrible).

Even less can be said about the Over Flag's structure. Because of the stick figure legs, the transforming gimmick joints in the hip, and the top heavy nature of the torso, this kit has a hard time standing on its own.

Furthermore, the head design, though sleek, had many small pieces that do not like to stay put. Glue is highly suggested.

The two weapons included are also a flimsy mess. Getting into the weapon that doubles as the nose, the handle is much too loose which effects the rigidity of the transformation.

Speaking of the transformation. The mobile armor form is just as finicky as the mobile suit form. There is supposed to be a mechanism that latches the arm with the legs, but it was flawed by design. The legs, as loose as they were in mobile suit mode, are also loose in mobile armor mode. The final touch to the mobile armor involves sticking the handle of the weapon on to the crotch of the suit. The piece in position is snug, however, the joint on the handle is loose, so the rest of the nose does not stay in place.

One design I am happy with is the torso-head relationship. The torso's joint is made with a notch so that when bent for transformation, the head can be pushed into the crevice. With the neck joint pushed in, the torso is locked in place. While in mobile suit mode, the torso prevents the head from being pushed down. With all the problems with the kit, this one aspect is quite genius. If only the rest of the kit was this awesome.

In conclusion, a kit with majority dark plastic and a finicky design, I could not suggest this kit for beginners. There are many more high quality kits that can stand on their own that do not require as much attention.

Personally, I had the intention of painting this kit gray and applying USAF decals on it, but after experiencing this build I am having second thoughts. A couple of friends suggested I imitate the Over Grey by Hobby no Toriko. Since I have the Graze Standard/Commander Type. I am definitely looking at my options.

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