[SD Messer WIP 003] Throw a Little Hotrod Red in There

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I will probably not be posting anything on this build until mid-Spring earliest.

At the start of this project, I determined airbrushing candy red would be fun for this project. However, with colder weathering coming, I would not be able to use my friend's airbrush (that is until we find the time to construct a spray booth). I mothballed the project and worked on building and hand painting kits.
As I mentioned in the GM Quel Semi-Striker article, I ran into a small clearance of paints at the Spare Time Shop, picking up a jar of Aqueous Hobby Color (the old name for Mr. Color) Acrylic Metallic Green, and another jar of Metallic Red. Through accidentally dripped paint on a project (that I will reveal on a later date), I noticed Metallic Red, among other Metallic colors, is a mix of silver and a clear color.
With this revelation, I decided to experiment by painting a base coat of gold before applying coats of metallic red to achieve a hand painted candy red. Here are the initial results,

I am quite happy with this hand painted result. Though the colors are not as vibrant as a real candy red, the fact that I did not need an airbursh to achieve this is a big plus. I will have to experiment some more, next time with hand painting clear red rather than metallic red. Other than the metallic red and gold, I also used flat black for the piping and thrusters, though I may want to change the colors to keep the metallic motif.

In the great words of Frieza, "This isn't even my final form!" Though it seems presentable enough, there is one piece I am missing - the beam rifle. I will be borrowing some Tamiya acrylic Gunmetal to paint that with some details (most likely in gold). In addition, I am not satisfied with the majority red/gold look. I want to add a little bit of detail in certain parts, especially the monoeye. I used gray for the rim and just metallic red behind the clear piece - it looks too dull.
On a side note, the miniature base is provided by my friend over on Splash of Color (same guy with the airbrush). I am still unsure if I want to have a base and I am unsure what type of terrain would best suit this grunt of Hathaway's Flash. If you have any ideas, please leave it in the comments or on Reddit!

Let's avoid talking about the back side of the arms (for now...or forever).

That is all the work I have so far. I am happy with the results of this experiment and may go back to previous kits to further experiment with this (specifically my SD Sengoku Astray). When I get the details to a satisfactory level, I will hopefully apply some coats of Future Shine before a little panel wash: more articles to follow. Until then, may your paint not dry in the cap's thread. This is Gundariumsmith hoping you can stay warm.

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