Mecha Analysis: G no Reconguista Episode 20

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We continue Mecha Analysis with episode 20 of Gundam G No Reconguista. Something to keep in mind when looking at the mechanical designs of Gundam G No Reconguista: The ones responsible for mechanical design are as follows,

  • Akira Yasuda, known for designing mechs in Turn A Gundam, Code Geass and Overman King Gainer.
  • Kimitoshi Yamane, notable for mechanical designs in G Gundam, Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, SEED Stargazer, IGLOO, and Eureka Seven: AO
  • Not much can be found about Ippei Gyobu. I think he's new.

Episode 20
I took a lot longer than I expected to post this. I'll be brief...


A faction supposedly named Ten Police use this suit. Seems like a standard grunt suit.


It seems like everything the Grod uses for weapons are based on the Psycommu systems of the Universal Century. At this point, I'm still not convinced that this kit is interesting.


I thought it was called the Jaion, I guess it's named Gastima. Still unsure of the actual name, this mobile suit focuses on close range attacks.

Besides it being a complete badass, the suit also features a beam shield on it shoulder. If a kit were to come out of this suit, I might just have to pick one up.


In this episode, we see the Gaeon gain its full array of weapons. It is equiped with two arm-mounted shields and 2 sets of back mounted beam sabers, almost like two large hands. I really like the animation of the Gaeon as it equipped its armorments.

Not much to write about this suit besides how cool it would be for the beam, though I'm not sure if I'm interested in the kit that released this month.

That's it for the belated Mecha Analysis entry. I will see you all in a few hours.

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