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Today on Mecha Analysis, we look at episode 19 of Gundam Build Fighters Try. Something to keep in mind when looking at the Gunpla: Returning from Gundam Build Fighters, the ones responsible for mechanical design of Gundam Build Fighters Try are as follows,

  • Kunio Okawara: THE Gundam designer, designing the original RX-78-2, and Zaku II along with many designs through the years. He's had his hand in Zeta, ZZ, 0080, F90, F91, 0083, Victory, G Gundam, 08th, Wing, X, Turn A, SEED, 00, Unicorn, and many other non-Gundam anime. Holy crap this list is long.
  • Not much is said about Junichi Akutsu, Junya Ishigaki, and Kenji Teraoka.
  • Kanetake Ebikawa, though has been working as a mechanical designer since the late 90s with anime like Blue Submarine No.6 and Full Metal Panic!, did not start designing for the Gundam franchise until 2007 with Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Other notable works include Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Gundam AGE, and Euerka Seven: AO.

Episode 19
I was not able to post last week's Mecha Analysis of G no Reconguista until last night. The rushed article is now available, but it is terribly written. Oh well, that ship has sailed. It is time for some epic fist-based conversation!

Team Titan (Teen Titans?)

According to the back story, Junya was a former student of the Jigen Haoh School, but ended up running off because he was denied a secret technique from the master. He now dukes it out against Sekai with his Denial Gundam.
Junya's team, named Team Titan is composed of two other suits that end up being cannon fodder - Gundash Blastor Gundam and Abulhool Plus. These two see a little action facing off between Yuuma and Fumina, but ultimately they are destroyed with no significance to the plot.

Gundash Blastor Gundam is based on  the Victory Gundam mobile suit Gunblaster. It is equipped with a normal beam rifle, but it also includes what looks like the V Dash backpack and some larger weapon that disappears mid-fight. Where did it go? The world may never know...

The Abulhool Plus is based on Gundam Abulhool from the manga side stories Mobile Suit Gundam 00P and 00F. It's 'Plus' namesake comes from the Universal Century variants of Delta and Zeta Gundams - Delta Plus and Zeta Plus. Like its base kit, the Abulhool Plus transforms into a flight mode and in this case, stays in flight mode for the whole episode before transforming into a large ball of fire.

The showcase suit of this episode is the Denial Gundam. It's features have some similarities to Build Burning Gundam (for good reason), and because Junya came from the same martial arts school, similar moves are used. But as the story goes, Junya has picked up other martial arts along the way

For some strange reason, Junya also has a parallel Burning Burst Mode. The post-credits scene and cliff hanger has left more questions on Junya's ability not as a Gunpla builder, but as a human being - is he really on the level of Sei Iori while being a master of multiple martial arts? How is that possible for someone under 19? I'll wait until next episode to pass judgment on Junya, but right now he does not interest me in any way - not his Gunpla, not his character.

That's it for now, I'll catch you all tomorrow for G no Reconguista, and if you have interest in Gunpla, consider signing up for the Gunpla Lollapalooza (links on the top of the page) hosted by Brent and based in /r/Gunpla. It should be a fun time: hope to see your entry there!

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