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Today on Mecha Analysis, we look at episode 20 of Gundam Build Fighters Try. Something to keep in mind when looking at the Gunpla: Returning from Gundam Build Fighters, the ones responsible for mechanical design of Gundam Build Fighters Try are as follows,

  • Kunio Okawara: THE Gundam designer, designing the original RX-78-2, and Zaku II along with many designs through the years. He's had his hand in Zeta, ZZ, 0080, F90, F91, 0083, Victory, G Gundam, 08th, Wing, X, Turn A, SEED, 00, Unicorn, and many other non-Gundam anime. Holy crap this list is long.
  • Not much is said about Junichi Akutsu, Junya Ishigaki, and Kenji Teraoka.
  • Kanetake Ebikawa, though has been working as a mechanical designer since the late 90s with anime like Blue Submarine No.6 and Full Metal Panic!, did not start designing for the Gundam franchise until 2007 with Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Other notable works include Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Gundam AGE, and Euerka Seven: AO.

Episode 20
The epic conclusion to a character we basically just met has come to an end. I remember short story arcs like this in Gundam AGE. It was one of the annoying parts of the show. Here we see a similar thing happening where the writers continue to introduce new characters that are seemingly important, throwing them away as soon as they're defeated (through death in Gundam AGE). When will the writers continue developing the synergy between the suits? At this point I don't think it will happen.

Denial Gundam

Two new features are displayed by the Denial Gundam before his inevitable defeat. We see he can manipulate his hair to use as a weapon and we see his fists able to produce blades (assumed to be made of Plavsky Particles).

Will Denial Gundam have any other features? The world will never know.

Try Burning Gundam

After a dismal display of lame, Try Burning Gundam's RG core lights up and the fire of battle is lit once again. Will the writers explain how the RG core works (or even what it is)? See how great of a job they did explaining what or where Arian is, I don't think we'll ever know what the RG core is.

With this revitalized form, we see the Try Burning Gundam emit five plavsky particle versions of itself to thoroughly mess up the Denial Gundam (with a combination of moves Sekai likes to call Seiken Shippu Soten Hagan Senko Ryusei Reppaku)

Sekai then finishes the battle off with the Bakunetsu God Finger.

I guess that's a cool way to include G Gundam's ultimate technique, shame the effect parts are not included in Try Burning Gundam's kit. I guess I'll be getting HGFC G Gundam purely for the Bakunetsu God Finger effect parts.

Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth

We finally get to see this suit in acti- nevermind, still a cameo. At least we see one of his defensive skills. Is it actually an I-field?


I think that's it for now. I'm not sure what to think about next week's episode of Build Fighters Try, hopefully I can unsee what I saw in the episode preview. See you all tomorrow for G no Reconguista (or whenever it comes out).

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