Absent Without Leave

In the recent past, I wrote "Another Hiatus" as an apology to any dedicated readers. I had every intention to post on a more consistent basis, but here we are with almost two months of silence. For that I apologize again. Though I cannot promise a more consistent presence, I think I have a solution/compromise: Instagram.

It takes time to compose a formal article, whatever the subject may be. Following ZakuAurelius on Youtube and Instagram, I like the way he uses Instagram to tease what is to come. The idea of having a less formal way of visually showing what I am up to would be a good way to break the silence between articles -- I had to take his format for myself!

I am not particularly seeking a larger audience through Instagram. Rather, I want to offer another window into both my scale model and photography hobbies. Through Instagram, I want to share not only builds in their various stages, but also less related projects, adventures (local and overseas) and acquisitions. If you are remotely interested in that side of Gundariumsmith, please follow me on Instagram (I take no offense if you are not interested).
Back to the subject of silence, the past month or so, I have been preoccupied with the transition from classes to the working life (and absolutely nothing to do with Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE). Now that the transition is over, I wish to have a more regular schedule in which I can regularly put time (and money) into my hobbies. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. In the mean time, to truly break the silence, I have been working on a review of the following,

That's right, MG RX-78-02 Gundam (The Origin Ver.), the first Master Grade since I kicked off the blog with the MG Tallgeese EW Ver. over two years ago! I've been quite excited with this build, but writing my thoughts has proven difficult with little to base my review on -- my experience with Master Grade builds has been more or less lacking. Nevertheless, I will hopefully have that review available within the next two weeks. Please stick around for it!

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