[100kTY] Giveaway Results

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the 100kTY giveaway and contest ending two weeks ago, I best be wrapping this event up and send some balls on their way. Unfortunately, there were no entries for the contest.
That's right, Zero.

I had some folks interested in the event, but in the end, no one delivered. Oh well, one less prize to send out for now. I have plans to host a larger contest in the future, so we'll see where the planning takes us. As for the giveaway, we have a total of fourteen entries with a chance to win the HGUC Ball Twin Set. Thanks for dropping by and entering!

Without half the event to worry about, I decided to put more work on myself to determine a winner. I started by using RANDOM.ORG's random number generator to first shuffle the pool of names by grabbing a number 1-n (n being the total number of names remaining) and adding the name from the chronologically sorted list to the new list, then deleting the name from the chronology pool (wash and rinse 13 times). Once the shuffled pool was created, I took four random numbers - three random numbers between 1 and 14 (taking out repeat numbers), and a single random number between 1 and 3. The number between 1 and 3 determines which of the three numbers is the winner. I hope this is random enough.

...and the winner is,

Congratulations, and thank you for reading (as little or as much as you do) and participating in this giveaway! I will contact you requesting for shipping information. If I do not receive a response in such a time frame, I will contact one of the other two names (from the final pool of 3).

I think that is all from me. If you have any questions about this giveaway (or the contest that did not happen), feel free to contact me through my email, or leave it in the comments (here or reddit). Thank you once again for keeping up with the blog, and I hope to see you all in the next one!

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