Quick Review: The Knight in Purple

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Before this upgrade, I thought the Gundam Kimaris was a terrible looking suit. But with the reveal of this high mobility version known as Kimaris Trooper, I hated it even more. That was until I watched the series again while at sea with my shipmates. If I remember correctly, this alternative to the Kimaris is revealed in Season 1 Episode 23, when Gaelio Bauduin of Gjallarhorn swoops in and attempts to save Carta Issue from certain death. This scene showed me that the Trooper version of this suit has some great ideas going for it.

Whenever I build these Iron Blooded Orphan (IBO) kits, I always have to remind myself that these kits were designed to be super cheap. This allows me not to compare to the High Grade Thunderbolt Line or any of the Origin kits; the two lines of kits that are trying to break the barrier of High Grade, and Real Grade. That being said, this is one of my favorite High Grade Gundam IBO kits I have built so far.

Although I was fairly impressed with this kit, it is not perfect. The boosters on the backpack are not mounted very well in the vertical position, the waist core joint is not covered very well, which is typical of IBO kits, the weapons, like most high grade kits are made up of one to three pieces, and the weight distribution forces the kit to fall on its back all the time. Now, of all of these, I would say the worst of these is the weight distribution. This was so apparent that the kit includes a nice four piece clear stand to compensate.

Surprisingly, the part I thought would be the downfall of this kit actually gives it a unique charm that is not just a gimmick that replaces great engineering. I am talking about the shin guard boosters that make the suit look like a perpetually leaping, lance wielding, Centaur. This feature combined with the large back skirt make this suit one of the most unique suits in the show.

This kit is a pretty solid build, and straight out of the box with nothing more than a pair of snippers and/or a hobby knife, this kit will look great on your shelf. The only thing it’s missing right out of the box is Carta’s Graze Ritter dying the arms of the Kimaris Trooper. I think I might have to get my hands on one of those.

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