A Stark Upgrade: Part 2, Delays

Flavor Text: Work In Progress?
"You're taking all our resources right now. It better be worth it."
"When will you upgrade my suit, Ana?"
"How much longer until you get back to work?"

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!" Anantha said out loud as she attempted to quiet the team's voices in her head. With a few deep breaths, Anantha moved the welder closer. Flipping her mask on, sparks scattered through the machine shop. The smell of flux fumes filled the shop as she slowly guided the welder, keeping the circular pattern with ease.

"This project was a waste of our time and money."
"We should have left the Jegan behind"
With a flash of light, the welder blew back, causing Anantha to do the same. As the smoke and fumes dissipated, the machine shop was silent. Anantha looked around to see the hangar and machine shop empty -- not a soul, not a suit. Only the cold metal walls that surrounded her stared back.


WIP: Delays
In the previous post, I imagined this project to take a few weekends, and I would be done by the end of March (maybe even earlier). Unfortunately I've been running into further delays of various kinds. What I thought would be more free time turned out to be more hours at work. Though I am all for more pay in form of overtime, it has left me without much free time. With the little free time I had, I spent a lot of time finishing Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE -- I had the game since its release last June and wanted to make sure I finished the game before Persona 5 released.
On a side note, TMS♯FE is a quirky mashup of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. I can't say its a must play game, especially because it's on an outdated console (Wii U), but for any fans of both franchises, it was a fun trip. If you have a chance (and about 60 hours to spend), try it out!
Back to the build, once I got back on track, I wanted to top coat the chest I just finished painting. The same issue I had with the Hobby Zaku surfaced again: the Tamiya, Mr. Color, and Testors paint all reacted to the Krylon top coat and wrinkled. Combine this with a family-related event, I know I won't be finishing this build in March.
Coming back from the family-related event, I'll probably be spending a lot of time on the PS4 -- Persona 5 has been my most anticipated game since 2013. No gunpla kit can compare to this excitement. So when do I anticipate the completion of this "mere upgrade?" Who knows -- I'm just hoping when I get back to the build, I don't run into any more paint issues. For those who wanted to see the final product at the end of this week, I truly am sorry that I am terrible at delivering on my self-set schedule, especially for what was supposed to be a simple upgrade.

As I've mentioned shamelessly in previous articles, if you want to follow my work in a more frequent format, please follow my Instagram. Between Morgenroete and myself, we're trying to use the platform to fill in the gaps between Blogger articles (especially now that I have discontinued the "Quick Review" format). I hope to see you there.
Until the next time, may your cuts be ever clean!

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