A Stark Upgrade: Part I, Salvage Ops

Flavor Text: Prologue
      "Are you sure they're here?" Al inquired as the three pilots scanned for evidence.
      "You're going to miss them if you keep asking." Anantha responded in irritation. After a short pause, Al snapped back,
      "I'm sure you won't miss them with that fancy camera of yours."
      "Please Al, you still butthurt about-"
      "RADIO. SILENCE." Marinus ironically yelled. The three pilots abruptly stopped and continued to scan the area.

      The war-torn factory district had been isolated from the rest of the colony after a small skirmish during the Laplace conflict. With the district in disrepair, rumors of illegal activity spread through the rest of the colony. Though there was no hard evidence, citizens of the once Federation-occupied manufacturing colony were reporting Zeon mobile suits. So far, rubble, silence, and the blackness of space were the only objects the team could see.

      "Look, Marinus, we're wasting our time. The Zeeks are not coming to this rust bucket of a colony, you won't be reliving your golden One-Year War days, and we're pissing away money the longer we stay out here." Al said, attempting to convince Marinus to halt the operation,
      "You have somewhere to be, Al?" Marinus rhetorically asked,
      "We could have taken that escort job and actually make money instead of catching the wind!"
      "Who are you to question my judgement?"
      "I don't need to be here, Captain! I'll take my skills to another team that actually pa-"
      "Guys!, I see something." Anantha interrupted.
      The three pilots flew to the location of the sighting. No Zeon forces to be found, but a relatively in-tact Stark Jegan had been abandoned on a roadway. Anantha jumped out of her suit and started surveying the remains.

      "Other than its head, the suit is quite undamaged." Anantha excitedly reported "The run time on the computer says less than 200 hours!"
      "Great," Marinus responded, "we'll salvage for spare parts and sell the rest. Take it up, Al"
      "Wait, no! Al revolted "I'm not carrying someone else's scrap!"
      "Just get it done, Al! We need to hurry before any Zeon forces find us."
      "For the last time, Captain, they're not-"
      "You get 70% of parts sales" Marinus said, talking over Al.
         "...deal," said Al as he picked up the Stark Jegan.

Concept: Inheriting The Old
After finishing the 'Weiß Hund Zulu' in late 2015, I pretty much abandoned the Specter GM project -- The trio was achieved and the two side characters were at an okay state. Over the next few months I thought of doing u/sandrock465's "mid-season upgrade" like he did with his Strike Ixion (Brave to Jäger) that summer, but I had no intention of purchasing kits merely for parts, so that idea was scrapped and I continued with other projects. Fast forward about a year and a half, Gunplaworks is clearing his shelf of older models, one of them being a Stark Jegan. Now I can play around with the idea of a "mid-season upgrade" without spending money on it. Thanks friend!

The idea here is to add further mobility to this Sniper. With the extra boost on the legs without the increase in armor in the upper body, Anantha can fly around space much faster while still hitting her targets. I don't have a name for the suit yet, but I have a few ideas.
The other goal in this project is to upgrade the aesthetic of the Jegan Sniper Type. The OOB build is quite boring and removing the accent colors to a black/navy color scheme made the kit look even less interesting. I aim to add better accent colors and panel line details not only to the new pieces but the old ones as well.
Part of the aesthetics upgrade is the "iconic" Sniper Type head I created. In the original build, I was experimenting with a level of customization I was not used to. I can't say much has changed, but since I have an additional head from the Stark Jegan, I have a new opportunity to retry the old concept. Click here for more information on the original Sniper Type.

The goal of this project is to finish all the aesthetic upgrades by the end of March. Though a lot of the work is technically done, I anticipate, like February's hiatus, I will be busy -- I do not know how much time I will have to dedicate to something as "simple" as this. Maybe I'll finish a majority of the work over a weekend. Maybe I'll have to hold off until the end of March. Either way, I'll play it by ear. If you want to follow this project a little closer than this blog, make sure to check out our Instagram!

Until next time, may your cuts be ever clean!

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