Gundariumsmith Legacy

Please Note: I am not currently taking any commissions nor do I plan to any time soon: I do not have the skills or equipment to open up for commissions, even if its free of charge.

Completed: January 2015 (Blogger Post, 21 January)

Completed: July 2014 (Blogger Post, 05 July)

Completed: March 2014 (imgur album, 05 July)

Pale Destiny (tentative name)
Concept Finalized: ? ? ?
Project Status: gathering scraps, fitting parts, researching Blue Destiny and the EXAM system.

The Burning Legacy
Concept Finalized: March 2015
Project Status: ongoing
Project Page: updated August 2015

Concept Finalized: September 2014
Project Status: COMPLETE
  • WIP001: We Can Make Him Better Than He Was (Blogger Post, 24 October)
  • WIP002: Before the Winter... (Blogger Post, 23 November)
  • WIP003: Throw a Little Hotrod Red in There (Blogger Post, 10 January)
  • Final: Featured in Not-So-Small Projects: A World of Almosts (Blogger Post, 28 May 2015)
Concept Finalized: N/A
Project Status: ongoing
Project Page: updated December 2014
Concept Finalized: February 2014
Project Status: ongoing
Project Page: updated September 2015
    Concept Finalized: January 2014
    Project Status: backburner
    • Early Concepts can be found on the Quick Review of the Gunbarrel Dagger.

    May 2016 Review
    September 2015 Review
    February 2015 Review

    July 2014 Review

    May 2014 Review

    • BB Senshi Neo Zeong
    • HGTB Zaku II + Big Gun
    • HG Origin Waff
    • HG AGE AGE-2 Double Bullet
    • NG Gundam Sandrock
    • HGBF Try Burning Gundam
    • HGBF EZ-SR
    • HGUC Z II

    MG RX-78-02 Gundam (The Origin Ver.)
    • Quick Review (Blogger Post, ? ? ?)

    HG Origin Gundam Local Type

    HGRC G-Lucifer
    HG IBO Grimgerde

    HGBF XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth Type.GBFT

    HGUC AMX-009 Dreissen [2014]